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Chain Slings

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Lifting Chains & Rigging Chain Configurations

Single Leg Chain Sling

A length of chain with fittings on each end used for lifting in a vertical hitch. This sling chain can be combined with unlimited fittings to suit your application.

Double Leg Chain Sling

Two single leg chain slings joined by an oblong at the top. This lifting chain is rated for both legs to be used simultaneously at a 60 degree angle.

3 Leg Chain Sling

Three single leg chain slings joined by a special oblong sub-assembly at the top of the lifting chains. Rated for lifting when legs are at 60 degree angles from the object.

4 Leg Chain Sling

Four single leg chains  joined by a sub-assembly at the top. Rated to lift using all 4 legs at 60 degree angles.

Basket Slings

This lifting chain is a loop of chain with both ends connected by an oblong at the top. This rigging chain is used to loop under the object to cradle and lift like a "basket".

Double Basket Sling

Two loops of chain with all four sling chain ends connected attached to an oblong. Used to cradle a load with the sling loops spread apart for additional balance.

Single Adjustable Chain Sling

An overhead lifting chain with one single leg sling and an additional shorter leg with a grab hook. This allows you to slide the longer lifting chain's links into the grab hook to shorten the length when needed.

Double Adjustable Chain Sling

This double leg chain sling has two additional shorter legs with grab hooks. Links from the longer sling chain can slide into the grab hooks to adjust the primary lifting chains to the appopriate length for your load.

Endless Basket Sling

An endless loop of chain with an oblong through it allowing that allows the lfting chain to rotate through the oblong freely.

Double Endless Basket Sling

Two endless loops of chain connected at the top of the overhead lifting chain assembly by an oblong. Chain moves freely through the oblong but allows for better load balance across the two legs.

Endless Chain

Simply an endless loop of chain used for lifting. No oblong is included.

Sling Hooks

Slip Sling Hook

A large throat hook used primarily at the ends of wire rope and chain slings. Usually with spring safety catch to avoid disconnect.

Grab Sling Hook

A small throat hook that attached to the chain by sliding over the chain between links. This hook locks into place by 'grabbing' the chain and will not slide along the chain.

Foundry Hooks

An EXTRA large throat hook used in unique situations that require a larger opening to manage loads.

Self-Locking Sling Hook

A self locking sling hook actually pivots in the middle and locks when lifting pressure is applied. This hook cannot be opened while unit is lifted with your overhead lifting chains.

Oblong Master Link

The oblong master link is an oblong shaped ring used at the top of wire rope and chain slings.

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